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Teacher Certification: For Schools

REGISTER NOW for the 2020-21 Teacher Certification Program at a reduced cost

The COVID-19 pandemic has complicated your ability to build and develop your team of educators: teachers are being recruited and hired remotely; applicants cannot complete exams; NYSED has created special certificates and pathways. Let the Charter Center Teacher Certification Consultation Team help you navigate these complications.

Led by Caryl Cohen, the Charter Center’s Certification Team provides analysis and in-depth technical support to help your school comply with New York State and Federal regulations and your teachers to navigate the pathways to NYS certification.



  • Two secure, on-line worksheets per year that provide
    1. a detailed teacher certification summary for your school’s hiring manager
    2. an analysis of your school’s certification status to help your school achieve or maintain full compliance
    3. recommendations to help you support teachers with their certification
  • Membership in the Certification/HR online community of practice
  • Phone or on-line support for HR directors with teacher certification questions
  • Professional development on certification issues for program members such as recent changes in required exams, the complexities that interstate candidates face, new or dual certification in special education and more
  • Personal consultations for teachers who need to develop an individualized plan for certification
  • Priority registration and discounted fees on DASA workshops and other trainings for teachers
  • Priority registration and discounted fees on DASA workshops and other trainings for teachers


In response to the financial uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 crisis, the fees for 2020-21 haves been reduced.

The fee for teacher certification services is based on the total number of teachers on your school roster planned for the school year. This number also includes teaching assistants, guidance counselors, school social workers, and school psychologists.

2020-2021 Fee Schedule For Participating Schools
School SizeFee Per School
New Schools ( up to10 teachers) $1,018
11 - 20 teachers $1795
21 - 40 teachers $2,810
41 - 60 teachers $4,415
61 - 80 teachers $5,530
81 - 100 teachers $6,740
101 - 120 teachers $7,950
121 - 140 teachers $9,360
141 - 160 teachers $10,090
161+ teachers $11,105
New York City charter schools can register to be a part of the Teacher Certification Services program.


The Charter Center’s resources are compiled from NYSED and our experience assisting teachers to navigate the certification process. Schools participating in our Teacher Certification Program will also find additional resources through the HR community of practice.

Please note: There are new guides with current information in development regarding applicants from other states, exam safety nets and what to do as a new teacher. Please check back soon for access to these new guides. In the meantime, you can visit the NYSED TEACH Topics A-Z for current information on all topics related to certification.