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Working Papers for Students

Students aged 14-17 who work part time, including summer employment, are required to have “employment certificates” (often called Working Papers) issued by the school. The process includes obtaining required documentation, such as a doctor’s note.

All intermediate schools and high schools must provide an “employment certificate” to any student who requests one, including students from non-public schools. Schools generally post the day/time when these certificates are processed. All high schools and intermediate schools open for instruction during the summer are required to issue employment certificates during the summer. Students can be referred to the District Family Advocates in the Superintendent’s office of your school’s district when the school is closed.

Employment certificates/working paper cards can be ordered directly from a printer, Action Press (718-705-0018) or Vanguard Direct (212) 736-0770 x113.

Following are the FAMIS menu item numbers for reference
25276045X AT-20       FULL TIME EMPLOYMENT CERT. (salmon card)
252760468 SRS9       STUD. GENERAL EMPLOYMENT CERT. (green card)
252760476 AT-18       STUD. NON-FACTORY EMPLOYMENT CERT. (blue card)

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