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Staff Handbook

Clear expectations promote strong performances. A comprehensive staff handbook is the best way to ensure all employees understand the professional standards and culture of the school.

Several extensive handbooks are attached, each with particular strengths. SBuffalo’s CS Handbook has thorough sections on social media and computer use and mentions confidentiality of student records. Hebrew CS Center includes well-developed sections on media relations, social media and conflicts of interest, while Excelsior CS is thorough on employment rules and expectations.

There is a great one-page overview of FERPA regulations from National Alliance for Public Charter Schools that would make a good appendix to a staff handbook.

The Charter Center hosted a webinar on March 15, 2017 with labor lawyer experts from Bond, Schoeneck & King. In 2016, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decided that charter schools are covered by federal labor law. The NLRB has been active in the last few years in defining what is and is not appropriate language in employee handbooks.

The slides from the webinar are a useful tool to confirm that your school’s employee handbook is compliant with federal law and learn about recent NLRB decisions on employee handbooks.

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