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The Pupil Accounting Handbook

The NYC DOE handbook on Pupil Accounting for charter schools.

  • Introduction: Introduction to Pupil Accounting; organizational tree of the Pupil Personnel Services Network.
  • Admitting Students: admitting and registering students, including sample documents and examples of required forms.
  • Annual School Census Reports: preparing the annual school census.
  • Attendance: using the form 407 tracking system on ATS; school staff responsibilities; attendance reports.
  • Discharging students: discharge guidelines; codes; forms, reports, and records.
  • Health: student health, including medical requirements for new school entrants; immunization requirements; examples of required forms; immunization and TB updates and health reports on ATS. 
  • Records, Reports, Special Populations: student records, including access and disclosure; student record checklist; record retention requirements; HRA ("face-to-face") letters; domestic violence cases; student suspension.
  • References and Tables: ATS codes.
  • September Register and the Period Attendance Report: basics of the September register; information included in the Period Attendance Report; how to read the Period Attendance Report.
  • Special Education Issues: guide to the New Continuum; CAP program codes and class codes; ATS grade codes for CAP class codes; CAP 200.6 codes; entering and monitoring CAP class codes; Collaborative Team Teaching - Integrated Special Education program; Related Services, Resource Room and Teacher Support Services; examples of forms.

The User Guide for online invoice submission of per pupil payments 1-2 here.
The User Guide for online invoice submission of per pupil payments 3-6 here.
The Webinar for online invoice submission of per-pupil payments 3-6 here.

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