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NYSTL Purchasing in FAMIS

Each charter school receives a grant for textbooks, library books and software under the New York State Textbook Law (NYSTL). The grant is administered by the NYC DOE, so all purchases with these funds must be processed through the FAMIS purchasing portal.

As a result, every school should have at least two administrative staff with FAMIS access – a purchase initiator and an approver, who is usually the principal or executive director. Funds must be spent prior to the close of the FAMIS purchasing window in early April. They cannot be carried over to the next school year. Once the goods are received, school personnel must certify delivery of the orders, so that the DOE accounts payable department will know that the vendor can be paid. Details are in the attached purchasing guide; the full process is explained in the webinars below.

For access to FAMIS, complete this form and the Mayoral Directive and email it to
Note: You will be required to enter your DOE credentials in order to access forms & guides.

Organizing Your NYSTL Purchase
Creating your NYSTL Purchase

Financial Management