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NYC School Construction Authority (SCA) Manuals

The NYCSCA has established this Safety Program & Procedures Manual, herein after called “SCA Safety Manual” in order to guide and direct the management, staff, and contractors working on all NYC school buildings of their obligation to adhere to the policies and procedures set forth within this program thereby promoting a safe work environment for all SCA personnel, school occupants, workers and the general public.

Operations Brief: Frequently Asked Questions about the New York State Freedom of Information Law (FOIL)

All New York charter schools are subject to the requirements of New York State's Freedom of Information Law (FOIL). FOIL is a New York State law that provides the public an avenue to access certain records of public agencies, and it explicitly applies to charters under the Charter Schools Act of 1998.

Operations: Building Operational Excellence

In spring of 2019, the experts from Ed-Ops led a two-part conference on the components of robust operations systems and the steps to creating efficient teams. Called the “Five Pillars of Ops Excellence” the seminars were organized around:

  1. Setting Clear Roles and Responsibilities
  2. Creating Standard Operating Procedures
  3. Cross-training
  4. Proactive Communication, both Internal and External
  5. Continuous, Individualized Staff Development

Review the full presentation
Part 1 – Clear Roles and Responsibilities and Standard Operating Procedures

PDF iconEDOPS NYC CSC Ops Excellence Session 1 (FINAL) - 2019 04 15.pdf1.56 MB
PDF iconNYC Ops Excellence 1 - Workbook FINAL.PDF616.84 KB

Part 2 – Cross-training, Proactive Communication, and Staff Development

PDF iconEDOPS NYC CSC Ops Excellence Session 2.pdf1.78 MB
PDF iconCredit Card SOP - to print.pdf56.64 KB
PDF iconNYC Ops Excellence 2 - SOP One Pager - vF.PDF45.98 KB
PDF iconNYC Ops Excellence 2 - Workbook vF.PDF734.92 KB

Facilities: For Charters Co-Located in DOE Buildings

The NYC DOE sets clear campus guidelines for schools co-located in DOE buildings whether they are district or charter schools. The DOE Division of Space Management Co-Location Handbook spells out the philosophy and protocols for shared campuses. It includes sections on the Building Response Team, Safety Planning, custodial services, and the building council.

For campuses with charter schools, the work of the building council is supplemented by a shared space committee.

Operations Resource Guide

The DOE Charter Office put together an Operations Resource Guide to aide in the important end of year and start of the year tasks. It includes deadline reminders for DOE systems and guidelines on the following topics: Summer School, Enrollment in ATS, Transportation, Per Pupil Funding, Health/Immunization Requirements

FAQs: Open Meetings Law

Did you know that New York City charter schools are subject to the requirements of New York State's Open Meetings Law (OML)? The OML is based on a presumption of access that provides the public with the right to know in advance about meetings of public bodies and then to observe the meetings and deliberations. It applies explicitly to charter schools under the Charter Schools Act of 1998.