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Best Practices for Using Lottery Preferences

Running a lottery is a crucial aspect of your school’s enrollment process, but there are numerous ways to approach it. Your school’s lottery process can shape your student body, promote diversity, or support your effort to meet enrollment targets. These resources will guide you through lottery procedures, including: the difference between a set-aside, a priority and a preference; enrollment targets and rules for using preferences and current enrollment best practices.

NYC School Construction Authority (SCA) Manuals

The NYCSCA has established this Safety Program & Procedures Manual, herein after called “SCA Safety Manual” in order to guide and direct the management, staff, and contractors working on all NYC school buildings of their obligation to adhere to the policies and procedures set forth within this program thereby promoting a safe work environment for all SCA personnel, school occupants, workers and the general public.

ELLS: Top ELL Resources

Director of NYC Special Education Collaborative and Inclusive Education Initiatives, Melissa Katz, has identified some of the top ELL resources for schools. Reach out to Melissa at to join the ELL Community of Practice and gain access to even more resources.

2020 Exam Guidance and Procedures - DOE and NYSED

Here you will find the latest guidance and handbooks for administering the New York State ELA, Mathematics, Science, and Regents Exams. These guides are produced mainly for district schools, but include regulations and resources suitable for charter schools. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

General Guidance
SED Test Schedule 2020
SED School Administrator’s Manual for Regents Exams
SED Testing Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
NYC DOE Directions for Scribing
ELA & Math
2020 NYS School Test Administrator’s Manual Grades 3-8
2020 DOE ELA & Math Test Administration Memo (Not Yet Released)
Educator Guide to the 2020 English Language Arts Tests
Educator Guide to the 2020 Mathematics Tests
ELA & Math Scanning Handbook
ATS Quick Guide for Grades 3-8 Printing and Scanning
2020 June Regents Exam Schedule
2020 June Regents Administration Charter Memo (Not Yet Released)
January 2020 Regents Test Coordinator Webinar for Charter Schools
Regents Scanning Handbook
Science **Guides for 2020 are not yet released**
2019 Science Grades 4 & 8 DOE Administration Memo
2019 NYS Grade 4 Science Testing Manual
2019 NYS Grade 8 Science Testing Manual
Science Scanning Handbook

2020 Test Packing, Collection and Scoring Guidance

Here you can find diagrams and guidance for the packing and collections of exam materials for the 2020 Test Scoring Consortium.

Guidance for 2020
PDF iconPacking and Shipping Instructions [Webinar Slides]
PDF iconELA Packing and Shipping Instructions
PDF iconELA Packing Diagram
PDF iconMATH Packing and Shipping Instructions
PDF iconMATH Packing Diagram
PDF iconChecklist: Packing for Scoring