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FAQ - NYCDOE SchoolFood: Basics

Frequently asked questions about the basics of NYCDOE SchoolFood:

How do I arrange for NYCDOE SchoolFood services?

The first step is to formally request an evaluation by NYCDOE SchoolFood. Schools should write a letter, on school letterhead, requesting service and send it to: Director of Special Programs, Office of SchoolFood and Nutritional Services, 44-36 Vernon Boulevard, Long Island City, NY 11101.

In the letter, include the following information:

  • Number and ages of students enrolled
  • Type of service required: Breakfast and/or Lunch; Hot or Cold
  • Time of service
  • BEDS ID (The BEDS ID is the NY State Education Department's identification number for schools)
  • First and last day of school

The school will be contacted by a NYCDOE SchoolFood representative who will schedule a site visit. During this visit, the rep will inspect the existing food preparation and food storage facilities and determine what kind of food services the location can handle.

How does NYCDOE SchoolFood determine menus and meal times in a NYCDOE facility?

NYCDOE SchoolFood determines the menu to be offered at the school. If you are in a shared NYCDOE school building, charter school leaders and NYCDOE principals negotiate breakfast and lunch service times. NYCDOE SchoolFood tries to fulfill special requests, such as the provision of meals in classrooms.

Can a charter school receive SchoolFood services in a private facility?

Yes, but if the proper facilities for heating meals do not exist, only cold meals will be offered.

How can I find out more about NYCDOE SchoolFood services?  

Visit the NYCDOE SchoolFood website or call 718.707.4300 and select option 1 for food.

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