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FAQ - NYC DOE Transportation Services

How does a school request NYC DOE transportation services?

For first year requests and for changes to the prior year's service, a school must complete a Transportation Request Form in late spring (usually May) indicating the type of transportation and the days of service required. Transportation Request Forms are sent to schools from the Office of Pupil Transportation (OPT).

If the service does not change from one year to the next, no new form is required. However if a school moves, this is considered a change in service and a new form must be submitted. NOTE: It is important to indicate the correct grade range for the school at full capacity on the initial Transportation Request Form.

Does the NYC DOE offer transportation for Summer School?

Yes. The NYCDOE provides student MetroCards to charter school students for Summer School as long as:

  • The program is certified by the charter school as summer school or enrichment (not a continuation of the school year or primarily recreational or cultural);
  • The summer school program is offered at least four days a week and has at least 18 instructional days for K-6 programs and at least 30 instructional days for 7-12 programs.

Special education students who have 12 month IEPs may be eligible for summer school busing. The deadline for requests for special education summer busing is June 27. See this document for more information regarding special education summer transportation.

Does the NYC DOE offer transportation outside of the NYC DOE school calendar?

No. Schools that want to provide busing or MetroCard services outside of the NYCDOE calendar start and end dates must arrange for transportation and pay for it themselves. Schools should contact their regular bus service provider about extended year transportation. Best practice: for budgeting purposes, assume $400 - $600 per bus, per day.

Are special arrangements made for special education and/or disabled students?

Yes. Special education students’ eligibility is dictated by their IEPs, which are developed by the Committees on Special Education. Schools are responsible for reviewing bus safety with special education students. See this document for information regarding special education transportation and consult the Chancellor's Regulations.

Does the NYC DOE offer transportation for Saturday programs?

Yes. Schools must submit a Program Exception Application to the OPT.

Do schools in private space have any additional sign-up requirements?

Yes, they must have a valid Certificate of Occupancy from the Department of Buildings that specifies ‘school or classrooms’ before they can begin to receive NYCDOE transportation services. See the Certificates of Occupancy Fact Sheet on the DOB website.

Do charter schools have to provide transportation for their students?