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FAQ - Field Trips

Does the DOE provide free transportation for field trips?

Yes, as long as trips comply with the following stipulations, as well as others listed on the DOE field trip site:

  • Trips cannot be scheduled on dates which are half days for any grade.
  • Trips are between October and June of the school year.
  • Trips are within the five boroughs of New York City.
  • All requests are received by OPT at least two weeks before the trip date.
  • All assigned trips are confirmed with the bus company dispatcher one to three days before the scheduled trip.
  • Buses leave no earlier than 9:30 AM and are back at the school by 1:30 PM.

How do schools arrange transportation for field trips?

Schools can arrange to have yellow bus service, take public transportation, use a combination of yellow bus service and public transportation or charter a coach-style or yellow bus for their field trips based on the requirements outlined in the OPT website and in the Online Field Trip Application Guide.
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