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Distributing Individualized State Test Score Information to Parents

Charter school parents do not have access to the DOE parent NYC Schools Account to view their child’s standardized test score results. The responsibility of communicating these standardized test score results, such as those from the state grades 3-8 ELA and Math exam, lies solely with the charter school. Most charter schools send out a letter to parents following exam administration with test score information. Test scores can be obtained through the state L2RPT portal or the L2 state report that your school’s principal has access to.

NOTE TO SCHOOLS: Part AA, Subpart B of Chapter 56 of the Laws of 2014 adds new subdivisions (45) and (46) to Education Law section 305, which states, in part, that any test results on such assessments sent to parents/persons include a clear and conspicuous notice that such results will not be included on the student’s official transcript or in the student’s permanent record and are being provided for diagnostic purposes.

Below are some exemplar letters that charter schools use to communicate test scores to the parents of their students:

Achievement & Testing,
Community & Family Engagement