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SPED: CSE and Compliance

The September 2010 presentation Common Coordination Issues, from the Brooklyn Charter School Student Support Agency, addresses common coordination issues facing schools with Special Education students.

The first half of the presentation covers the NYC Committee on Special Education (CSE), including the structure and function of the CSE, roles and responsibilities of the CSE and the charter school, and best practices for working with the CSE.

The second half of the presentation covers Special Education reporting requirements, including required forms, procedures for invoicing NYC DOE for mandated Special Education services, procedures for reporting services provided, and pupil data.

All school districts, including charter schools, are required to report particular data to the State Education Department. This link explains the documents that schools must complete annually. New York State has issued a new Individualized Education Program document that will be in effect for all school districts including New York City. This link explains how an IEP document should be developed. The presentation Special Education for Charter Schools: Preparation and Compliance, from the New York City Charter School Center, helps new charter schools navigate the steps necessary to serve special education students, including recruitment, IEPs, working with the CSE, and setting up compliance systems. Section 504 is Civil Rights legislation which prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities.  Children, who qualify under this law, receive services and/or accommodations in the public school system without being classified under IDEA/IDEIA and their school district’s Committee on Special Education.  The Section 504 Identification Flowchart was created by NYC charter school Innovate First to assist in identifying students with potential disabilities.
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