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Charter Renewal

In addition to hosting regular discussions with the authorizers, the Charter Center has collected these resources and exemplars to assist schools facing the complex project of writing the renewal application and preparing for the renewal evaluation visit.

SUNY CSI Renewal Resources, including Handbook, Benchmarks, Application and Recent Renewal Reports at SUNY CSI Renewal.

NYSED Board of Regents Resources, including Performance Framework and Application for Charter Renewal at Regents Renewal.

NYCDOE Authorized Schools Renewal Resources, including Accountability Handbook, Compliance Checklist, Report Templates, and List of School Visit Dates at NYCDOE Renewal (Your DOE username and password is required to login). Also available is a webinar hosted by the DOE Office of School Design and Charter Partnership for an overview of the upcoming renewal period.

Exemplars of successful renewal applications and renewal reports from authorizers are provided below.

Charter Application