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Operations Management: Charter Operations Boot Camp

The Charter Center, together with the NYCDOE Office of Charter Partnerships, returns with up-to-the-minute systems, compliance and organizational training sessions. Whether you are new in the role, have expanded responsibilities, or are looking for a refresher, this Boot Camp will help ensure your success.

The resources discussed in each session can be found below as well as in the Charter Wiki (*Please note you will need your DOE email/password to access).​

Day 1 - Safety Overview and Outreach, Investigations & Student Discharges

Learn more about School Safety Plans and review the DOE’s Emergency Readiness page to gain a great overview to ensure the safety of your school.

Additional resources can be found in the Charter Wiki - Safety page including Missing Student Protocol and a Building Response Team (BRT) checklist.

Presentation - Outreach, Investigation and Discharges Training ​​
Handout - ATS Investigation Worksheet​
Handout - 2017-2018 Transfer, Discharge and Graduation Guidelines
Handout - Discharge checklist
Handout - Planning Interview checklist for discharges   

Additional resources can be found in the Charter Wiki - Discharges page including an Absence Investigations Quiz and How to Find Students with Unexplained Absences.

Day 2 - Data Management and DOE Systems

Presentation – Data Management & Reporting
Presentation – DOE Systems

Additional resources found in the Charter Wiki - DOE Systems page including Access Forms and how to reset our passwords.

Day 3 – Nursing and Health Overview

Presentation – Nursing Overview
Presentation – AED/CPR Program
Presentation – Health Compliance for Charter Schools

Additional resources found in the Charter Wiki - AED/CPR page including how to register for training and frequently asked questions.

Day 4 – English Language Learners (ELLs) and SESIS Training

Presentation – ELL Enrollment and Identification

Additional resources found here including how to enter into ATS and parent notification template letters.

Day 5 – Per Pupil Billing and NYSTL

Presentation – Per Pupil Billing
Handout – Per Pupil Training Workbook
Presentation – NYSTL and FAMIS
Presentation – DYCD *for new schools only

Operations Management