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Board Positions

Understanding the roles and responsibilities of board members is an important step in effective governance. These resources will help clarify what the board chair and other board members' roles are, and the characteristics to look for in candidates for particular positions.

The Board Chairperson is one of the most important roles in any charter school. Top Characteristics of an Ideal Board Chair is a checklist from the New York City Charter School Center designed to be a reminder about what it takes to be an effective Board Chair.

The Role of an Effective Charter School Board Chair is a presentation from the Volunteer Consulting Group aimed at new charter schools who are assembling a Board of Trustees for the first time. Particular attention is given to the the board chair's leadership role and to the board's primary mission: making sure the charter school's academic program is a success.

Interview Guide for Board Candidates, a helpful list of questions to ask prospective Board Members, was created by the Volunteer Consulting Group in conjunction with the New York City Charter School Center. All new charter schools are recommended to consult these questions before hiring their Board of Trustees.