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Policy and Advocacy

The Charter Center was founded to support the development of a high quality charter school sector in New York City. One of the ways in which we do this is by ensuring that public policies and politics engender the continued growth, autonomy and quality of the charter sector.

What We Do

The Charter Center’s Policy & Advocacy team has over 40 years of combined experience in politics and more than a dozen years of research and analysis.

  • Building positive, ongoing relationships with elected officials and their staff
  • Monitoring and working to influence education policy at both the city and state levels
  • Conducting public awareness campaigns, including citywide paid and earned media outreach
  • Conducting quality research, producing reports and factsheets and participating in local and national policy discussions
  • Introducing and lobbying for legislation that supports charter schools’ ability to succeed
  • Assisting school leaders and staff to develop and implement political and community engagement projects
For over a decade, the Charter Center has brought thousands of parents from all over New York to the Capitol to give voice to the charter movement. In addition to showing support for their schools, parents and school leaders meet with elected officials to discuss the charter choice.

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Legislative Toolkit

Tips, tools and resources for engaging policy makers.

Parent Engagement Handbook

Parent Engagement Handbook
Parent Engagement Handbook


These simple, yet effective tools will aid your school in engaging with your elected officials, local decision-makers, parents and more.