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Teacher Certification Sessions: For Teachers

Register now for the Charter Center’s 2020-21 Teacher Certification Program.


Contact your school’s HR Director to see if your school is participating, or go to Teacher Certification Consultation and look for your school’s name in the drop-down menu.

Our consultants will provide a preliminary evaluation of your certification pathway and options by email. You can review our recommendations and arrange to get further information or ask questions by email or by phone.

Other resources you may find valuable in the meantime:

  • Every teacher seeking any change in certification should have an updated account in TEACH

  • Anyone who needs a background check can log into the NYSED site for Fingerprinting
    • Teachers seeking certification use service code 14ZGQT or URL on the NYSED website.
    • All others who need fingerprinting for employment use 14ZGR7 or the “Employment” URL.
  • An overview of the various ways to obtain certification can be found at the NYSED Pathways to Certification

  • NYS Certification requirements based on your current education and/or certification is available through a self-serve menu at Certification Requirements
    • Simply enter the information about the subject and level of certification you seek and the site will display the requirements for each pathway based on your current credentials.


The Charter Center’s resources are compiled from NYSED and our experience assisting teachers to navigate the certification process. Schools participating in our Teacher Certification Program will also find additional resources through the HR community of practice.

Please note: There are new guides with current information in development regarding applicants from other states, exam safety nets and what to do as a new teacher. Please check back soon for access to these new guides. In the meantime, you can visit the NYSED TEACH Topics A-Z for current information on all topics related to certification.