It's about great public schools.

About Us

For over a decade, the New York City Charter School Center has served as the leading expert and proponent of New York City’s charter school movement. We help new charter schools get started, support existing schools and build community and political support so that high quality charters can flourish.

It's About Great Public Schools

The Charter Center is an indispensable hub of knowledge, energy and support for NYC’s charter community. Every day, educators, parents, policy-makers and visionaries pass through the Charter Center’s doors, ready to engage the public in achieving a single goal - creating high quality public school options for our City’s children.

Launched as the country’s first citywide charter support strategy, the Charter Center’s work to grow the movement, ensure quality, solve sector-wide challenges, provide key resources and trainings, and build a favorable public policy environment has enabled charter schools to remain focused on their core work of educating their students. Today, with over 267 charter schools serving 135,902 students, NYC’s charter sector is one of the top performing in the country, consistently narrowing the achievement gap with schools in more affluent suburbs.

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